Thanks a 'Ton'

Posted on Saturday, 30 April 2016 Posted in Property by Victoria Pinkerton

Thanks a 'Ton'

For over a decade Pinkertons has enjoyed helping buyers and sellers alike across North Down with unprecedented success.

We feel this success is largely due to our wonderful clients both past and present. Not only have you given us your business, you have also spoken highly of our professional, friendly service to friends, family and colleagues.

Pinkertons certainly don’t take this loyalty for granted; in fact we want to reward you for it. If you have been or are currently a client of Pinkertons and you refer a family member, friend or colleague who brings their house to the market with us we will give you £100.

YES A £100!

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer so call one of our two branches to provide us with the details of the person(s) you are referring and leave the rest to us:

Bangor on 028 91 479393


Comber on 028 91 404100

You can also;

Email one of our two branches – or stating the details of the person you are referring.


Complete the contact form by clicking on the link to the contact form stating the details of the person you are referring.

Thank you in advance for any referrals you may pass our way and for your continued support.