Love At First Sight When A Buyer Views Your Home

Posted on Tuesday, 02 February 2016 Posted in Property by Chris Sharp

Love At First Sight When A Buyer Views Your Home

Northern Ireland home buyers are a decisive bunch when it comes to property, with 25% of homeowners only requiring one viewing of a property before purchasing it, a study by My Home Move has revealed.

This decisive nature of buyers means that for sellers, the first property viewing to take place is often the most vital in securing a sale, and must be adequately prepared for.

Getting your property in shape for a property viewing needn’t be a difficult task. It’s crucial that even in winter, the front garden is tended to and has been tamed, and that the front door is given a fresh lick of paint.

Moving to the interior of the property, the survey found that 18% of home buyers decided whether they would purchase the property after just 30 seconds of viewing, so sellers will need to ensure that their property makes an immediate impact. |

This is a startlingly short time for a buyer to decide whether or not they would like to purchase a property, and it’s therefore vital that both you and your home make a great first impression.

One of the main things which is attractive to buyers is that rooms are painted a neutral colour; garish themed rooms will never make a great first impression and are considered by many as an instant turn-off.

Redecorating the hallway, lounge area and getting a kitchen refit are often the best ways to increase your chances of sealing a deal with prospective buyers, as ground level rooms will be the ones which are viewed first.

Once your property is looking top dollar and the flurry of viewings start to come through, it’s vital that you utilise this interest. We know that the first couple of months in the year are a busy period for everyone, but it’s vital that you are available for any viewings at any time.

When viewers come to visit your home, it’s crucial that the right atmosphere is created. In these colder, winter months your home must be well lit and warm. For bonus points, providing your viewers with drinks and nibbles will often go down well too.

Although you may think the pressure is just on what your property looks like, they are also more likely to want to put in an offer or want to view the property again if the person conducting the viewing is polite, informative and not too pushy.

Here at Pinkertons, we know how to get your home in front of the right people and believe that a flexible approach is the way forward. Sometimes the best person to show off your home is you, but we’re also more than happy to conduct the viewings ourselves, the choice is yours!

If you would like more tips on ensuring that a buyer instantly falls in love with your property, then why not get in touch with the property experts at Pinkertons today. Alternatively, if you would like to discover how much your property is worth before placing it on the market this winter then we offer a free valuation and free advertising package.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.