Time for some spring cleaning

Posted on Wednesday, 25 March 2015 Posted in General by Victoria Pinkerton

Time for some spring cleaning

Spring months usually see the end to the dark nights and the start to DIY jobs around the house.

If you are trying to sell your home giving it a spruce up will certainly increase your chances of making it stand out to those looking to buy. To get one of our SOLD boards springing up in your garden this season we have listed a few tips which you may find helpful -


  1. Firstly and perhaps most importantly - first impressions count!

    Have your grass cut, gardens weeded and make sure any gates are painted or varnished – this is the first thing that a viewer will see upon arrival and will give your home ‘kerb appeal’

  2. Make sure your entrance hall is clean and clutter free as this is the first room in your house and buyers expectations begin from here

  3. Remove your furry friends for the viewing

    Not everyone loves pets and if the family dog or cat is around this could distract a buyer. Perhaps have someone take the dog for a walk or look after the cat for an hour or two. Don’t forget to remove their bed too as this can leave an unpleasant odour behind and may put viewers off.

  4. General cleaning is essential.

    Vacuuming and dusting before a viewing will help to show the property in its best light

  5. Don’t forget to touch up any paint work that may have been scuffed or scratched before you come to the market.

    The smell of fresh paint will evoke positive feelings to your viewers to

  6. If possible have carpets cleaned professionally. This will freshen up your home and viewers will see the home has been well maintained and cared for.

  7. Cigarette Smoke is an absolute NO!

    The stale smell of cigarettes will put off even the most positive buyer. If you smoke, then go outside the property while you are trying to sell. With the warmer weather there is no excuse

This is not an exhaustive list of hints and tips but we hope you find it helpful as it is a reminder of what buyers like (and do not like) to see when viewing properties.

Use our experience this Spring! If you are considering selling call us for a FREE valuation and we can tailor our guidance tips to ensure you get the best price for your home.

We look forward to hearing from you.