Plan, Prepare, Succeed With Pinkertons

Posted on Thursday, 07 January 2016 Posted in General by Peter Morrison

Plan, Prepare, Succeed With Pinkertons

Do you intend to move home in 2016? If so, the planning starts now!! Let Pinkertons carry out your market appraisal early in 2016.

Pinkertons know your local area and market intimately and an early market appraisal will not only give you your properties value, but also the likely price bracket of your new home.

Armed with this information make an appointment to speak with Pinkertons’ in-house financial advisor. Lending criteria has changed dramatically over the last few years so knowing what you can realistically afford is a vital part of the planning stage.

Market appraisal done and budget confirmed you can now start researching the area in which you would like to live and what properties are available. This stage of your planning process is important as values can vary greatly from area to area.

Having planned ahead, had your market appraisal done, confirmed your budget and decided on an area to live; it’s time to prepare your property for sale. Take this opportunity to declutter after Christmas; people buy with their eyes, therefore it stands to reason, the better prepared your property is for photographs and viewings, the more it is likely to sell. Pinkertons’ valuer may have suggested some minor improvements or alterations to you. Should you decide to implement these then try to ensure work is completed prior to going to the market. Tradesmen, if needed, will be busy, so get them booked early to ensure your work gets done.

Now that you have planned and prepared, it’s time to succeed. By appointing Pinkertons as your selling agent we believe you have given yourself the best possible chance of success. Pinkertons is an award winning, forward thinking, energetic and dynamic agency who will exceed your expectations from market appraisal to completed sale.

Let’s succeed together in 2016!!