Pinkertons For Sale Boards Work!

Posted on Monday, 01 February 2016 Posted in General by Peter Morrison

Pinkertons For Sale Boards Work!

If you are serious about selling your home then a Pinkertons bespoke For Sale board is an essential part your advertising.

By having a board, you ensure maximum exposure to the market. The most common reason for not having a For Sale board is “I want to sell quietly, I don’t want the neighbours, family etc. to know that I am selling”. The truth of the matter is if your property is on the market for sale it will be on the internet, if these people really wanted to know if you were selling they could find out.

By not having a board you potentially miss out on the following benefits:

Area Researchers – These people don’t know the area, but are doing the sensible thing by driving round to ascertain if your area is one in which they want to live. If they do like the area, a Pinkertons For Sale board lets them know your property is for sale in the area they like.

Drive-byers – These potential buyers don’t even know they are buyers yet. They are not thinking of moving, but drive past your house every day and like the look of it. Then one day they drive past and see your Pinkertons For Sale board; suddenly they are buyers and they want to buy your house. They would never have known if it wasn’t for that board.

Interested Parties – These potential purchasers have seen your property on the internet or in one of Pinkertons branches. They have not yet booked a viewing but want to research the area and look at your property from the outside. It’s possible that without a Pinkertons For Sale board they will not find your house easily and could get distracted by other similar properties on the street with boards already in place. You want to avoid that at all costs.

Early Viewers – These people have booked a viewing already but turn up long before their allocated viewing time. They most likely will have the address but it makes it easier to identify your house with a Pinkertons For Sale board on it.

You only get one chance to make a first impression and we believe that a bespoke Pinkertons For Sale board offers you the best chance of achieving this.

The bottom Line - Pinkertons For Sale Boards work!!!